Frank has a background in Business Administration and (ISO certified) Quality Assurance. In the 90s this knowledge is very usefull when he starts his own successfull (container) transport company ‘Trans Stars’. With his trucks he crossesEurope for more than a decade. Apart from running his transport company in a commercial way, Frank attracts special projects like a magnet. For instance, by request of the Proplan Foundation he flies to Kosovo with eight volunteers in order to recall ten Landrovers back to The Netherlands. The vehicles are on duty right now for demining Afghanistan by The Halo Trust International.

During his travels Frank and his camera are inseparable and he develops a special interest for corporate photography. Acknowledged companies like NYK Line and MOL Logistics start using his photos for company brochures. Frank’s good friend and photographer Niels Jansen is impressed by his work and suggests him to develop his talents. At the first of October 2007, Frank starts his own company as a professional photographer and freelance reporter for Truckstar magazine. In 2008 Frank wins the first prize with one of his photos during a masterclass by Magnum Photos in Paris –France.